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Favorite Locations to Shoot
in Portland and the NW:

• Under Bridges along the Willamette
• Irvington
• The Columbia Gorge
• Oregon Dunes
• The Painted Hills
• The Wallowa Mountains

Joshua is an autodidact photographer who specializes in event photography, real estate photography, and freelance photography projects in Portland, Oregon. His artistic endeavors include nature, urban, travel, and macro flower photography.  

Joshua was born and raised in Portland, Oregon.  Exposed to the aesthetic pleasures at a young age, Joshua's artistic side was nurtured early on through a Waldorf education.  He has always espoused an artistic approach to living, from delving into the digital arts at Vancouver Film School in Canada to studying art history in Florence, Italy.  His love of learning languages and desire to experience different cultures has carried him to explore many places in the world.

Ever since 2001, when he first experienced digital photography, Joshua has embraced the medium as an outlet for expressing his artistic creativity.  

"Photography is simply a joy for me.  Whenever I'm doing it time melts away.  I lose myself in the forms and colors I see through the lens, and they become my reality.  I also find myself in those things."

Best photography advice that stuck with me:
"If your pictures aren't good enough, you're not close enough."
- Robert Capa

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Photographer Bio

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